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M13 and a surprise package !


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Decided to grab a look at M13 globular cluster in Hercules tonight in my 12". It was an awesome sight. At x140 magnification the cluster filled over half the FOV. Chains of stars spun out from the core, which was mottled and well resolved in places.

I let it drift across my FOV several times in awe of it. The fourth time I did this I let it drift right out of my FOV, and as I did a small smudge of light caught my eye. I centred it in the EP for a closer look and saw an elongated flattish oval area of light with a brighter core. On checking Stellarium I found that this is the Mag 11.6 galaxy NGC 6207.

What a find!! The Gx is really very close to M13, but all the times Ive gazed at this glob Ive never looked around its immediate vicinity, and so never found this inriguing little galaxy that is so close by.

Couldnt get the two objects in the same FOV (0.48 degrees), but it was a close thing. Anyone else seen this galaxy ?

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Yes, i have. :p The first time i aimed the 120 achro at M13, galaxy 6207 was right there, plain as day and i was pleasantly surprised. Before getting the achro, i'd been using an 8"SCT and my widest fov was too narrow to include it.

I just love it when a "2 for the price of 1" bargain shows up in the eyepiece. :D

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Hi Darkersky,

M13 is brilliant as you say, when I got a few Televue ep's and tested them with my then scope(celestron 6se) it was incredible to see the bright smudge seperate into 100's of stars!

Have never seen NGC 6207 but will be hoping to see it next time I am out.


Clear skies


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excellent stuff - another target (like we are ever going to run out :0)!

I was also looking at M13 among others last night and have never noted this galaxy. that said, I just managed to see M96,M96 and M105 in Leo for the first time last night so maybe this will be beyond my skies.

I'll try your technique and see what happens. the skies a bit darker for me in the East.

M13 is for me the best globular cluster I have seen and it even makes M3 look ordinary (well sort of). my dob resolves hundreds of stars and the 14mm Radian suits it perfectly at 71x (edit - I do of course mean 114x) . Stunning.

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I saw this last night as well, It was on my to do list and after a while I managed to line up my view with what i saw with Sky6 and found it. Once seen it was pretty obvious, I didn't detect a core but saw the elongated oval type shape.

Well done on spotting it.

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