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Well, I've used it a few times now and I've got to say I've got mixed opinions about this app. There are many more features, some of which are really handy, but, to get all those features in there it's made it harder to navigate the menus, there's just so many options, and each option gives you a different set of quick-nav buttons at the bottom of the main page. I guess I just need to get used to it, but it's definitely not as easy to zip around and do what you want, as pUniverse is. With pUniverse all the options you need are there, one press away. My other gripe is the crashing. I'd say more than half the times I've used this app it's ended up crashing.

Overall, it is a very good app. Just a bit too in-depth for it's own good. If you want an app with all the bells and whistles then this is for you. If you want something to do the basics without the fuss, pUniverse is a better and far cheaper option. I'll be keeping both for now. Each has it's own merits.

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I use distant suns 2 and star walk both good but the one I have been using the most lately is Moon Globe its free and totally brilliant when your observing the moon. I find this app worth it weight in gold when observing the moon I can quickly learn the names of the craters and surface features with it. Best of all is the way you can move the terminator over the moons to match what your looking at, if you haven't got this app yet get it now, totally brilliant. I dont have an iphone but use the ipod touch which is like an iphone without the phone bit does everything I need apart from call people for which I use my Nokie phone for and take loads of pictures of the moon with it which for a mobile phone camera takes some great pictures see my blog for the evidence :mad: Now all we need is an app that clears the skys of clouds for us.:)

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Revs- I am sorry to here you are having bother. I can honestly say it has never crashed on me once? I am still using OS3.

Also i think for me as i have only used this one app for stargazing the menus etc have become second nature now.

Wayne- It certainly looks that way but it is only because when you are zoomed in on a constalation i.e Auriga, you get the asterisym 'the charioteer' if you catch my drift?



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I have read a couple of reviews,on the itunes store for starmap pro.

A couple of people have said that the constellations are named differently :eek:

Is that true??


You can change the names of the constellations to the ones we are familiar with in the settings, it defaults to some crummy american names...

I agree about the options overload, starwalk is more easily accessible I find.

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+1 for Starmap Pro

I've had it since mid 2009 and it gets used everytime I'm out. I have noticed a couple of times recently it's shutdown, but then I'm running it on a "old" 3G and most things are slower and flaky now under the latest iOS than they used to be on "older" hardware.. That's Mr Jobs way of telling you your overdue on donating more to the cause...:D

Anyway, I've been very happy with it.. recommended

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I have Starmap but not the Pro edition, got to say it's a great App and a must for all Astronomers with an iPhone!

Also used SkySafari which is good, probably not as good as Starmap though. Have just recently received the Skywire but not had chance to use it yet. Its like a GoTo controller for you iPhone for those of you who haven't seen it.

Good review to :D

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Im fairly new to Astronomy and Starmap Pro is probably the best thing I ever downloaded with my iPhone. Amazing for its night vision view, and I find it much easier to identify stars and constellations using this than with Starwalk (Although I still love starwalk for inspiring me to look up more!)

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