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Turf Hill Car Park, New Forest.


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I read the post from the SCAG , please can someone give me the OS location for this car park?

Is it the car park near Pound Bottom Tip?

I used to use the pound bottom car park as an observing location until the forest authorities decided to close it (why did they have to close the best location for miles? It had a virtually perfect 360 degree horizon). I have yet to find any location quite as good.

I had my first view of Jupiter and it's moons there, early one May morning using my first scope - a 2" Tasco reflector - not much more than a toy but enough to whet my appetite for all things astronomical.

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The location of Turf Hill car park is: 50 degrees 57'30.06 north, 1 degree 41'57.64 west. I went along to the SCAG observing meet, for me it's a great site as the car park is away from the road and has all round views. Hopefully this link will show you where it is http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?ll=50.95863,-1.6987815&z=17&t=h&hl=en-GB

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Looking on their website they next meet on the 14th July and then on the 21st July. Both are Saturday nights and more or less Moon free. Nice dark skies from that location. :)

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