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Too many stars in Stellarium!

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Stellarium shows me too many dim stars, making it hard for me to use for star hopping :D. Is there a way to set "show only stars with magnitude 9 or less", even when I zoom in? [The LP settings don't really seem to do this]

If not, can anyone recommend another free software package?

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You can set a light pollution level that may more or less match with your own. This will limit the number of stars shown. I just crank the LP level to the max to match my skies.

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Beaten to the punch! :D

An alternative that I like and have used for years, even before getting into the hobby properly: StarCalc.

It's freeware, lightweight and got a few good plugins. Though it does feel a little dated.

Can even control 'scopes via ASCOM.

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Thanks folks.

EA2007: I think I'll try the F4 approach before squinting :D

I was sort of hoping that Stellarium would have a magnitude threshold option: one setting for naked eye, one for the binos and yet another setting for through my scope (even with only a 127mm Mak, the difference still amazes me).

Guess I'll just have to play around and set the settings by hand (when we get clear skies in Dundee).

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You could have a look at TUBA the set of star maps produced by Philip S Harrington they were made after the publication of his book : Touring The Universe With Binoculars, its is a free download from his web site, you can alter the maps to your own liking.

HTH, John.

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