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Kapla - First guiding shots with EQ5


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Here are some shots taken across a few moonlit evenings in an ongoing effort solve the seemingly random guiding problems with my EQ5. Why the EQ5 was so much harder than the EQ3-2 to guide I'll never know, but it's finally working ok now :p

Leo triplet (M65, M66 and NGC 3628).

35x 60s @ISO1600 Unguided (guiding playing up:mad:)

36 x 150s Guided

NGC 4565

10 x 215s Guided

12 x 150s Guided


11 x 125s Guided

25 x 70s Guided

All shots were taken with an unmodded Canon 1000d @ISO1600 with a 2" SW Light Pollution filter. DSS was used for stacking with minimal levels/curves processing using PS. Bias and flats were used, but it the first time I was mixing data from more than 1 session and theres some gradient that I cant shift.

The imaging scope is a C8 newt mounted on a EQ5 and is guided using a rather quaint, but solid, DIY 80mm guidescope constructed using a Pot Noodle :D. A QHY5 guidecam drives the ST4 port on the Synscan. It's all controlled by PHD.

I'm not actually 100% sure what I did to resolve most of my guiding problems, everything has always been solid, but for the benefit of others I suspect one or more activities below helped:

  1. Regreasing the mount and readjusting the 'tightness' of the worm drive
  2. Realignment of the Polarscope in the mount
  3. Increase the Max Declination from 100 to 500. Useful if your polar alighment is not tight

Thank god it worked, this saved me from the last resort of mounting the C8N on the EQ3-2. That would have been quite a sight, before the wind blew it over.

thanks for looking





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Thanks all for the kind feedback

Nadeem - thanks for tweaking the Leo triplet background. It didnt look that bad in isolation on my laptop, but it looks odd next to the other shots.

SlipperySquid - hope my PM reply helps



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