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Annie's Astro Actions (action for PS)

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Annie's Astro Actions

Having got an image from last week which I'm still not happy with my processing on, I've been looking at various forums, websites & other Google links to see if there is a way of removing all of the stars from my stack whilst leaving the nebula & background sharply in tact for further processing (so as to avoid damaging the star images).

I was therefore looking to see if there was a simple way of getting a 'starless' image to work on as a separate layer (it seems to me that I will need to lasso the nebula, invert the selection & then apply the likes of a median filter until the stars disappear) - hence how I stumbled across this new set of Astro Actions for Photoshop.

Anyway I've just paid £9.35 GBP for a set and had a quick go with the star removal tool which seems to work fine. No doubt there is a large overlap with Noel's excellent tools (which I already have) - but as I'd never heard of this new set of actions, I thought the link may be of interest to others here. ;)

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But if You have Noel, why not just 'select brighter stars', expand, feather and then select inverse to work on the background?


Easy answer - because I wasn't aware of that procedure. I still think that the package includes enough features to easily justify the cost - but obviously that's a matter of personal judgement. Also future updates are apparently free of charge, too.

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