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Saturn April 22nd

Space Cowboy

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That's a very commendable image.

Saturn is a pain for imaging this year especially with it being so low so I reckon that fact that you have some banding on the disk is pretty good.

It's interesting how often I have looked at it through my scope this time round and it looks great. Then you try imaging it .....


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Thanks Geoff!

I'm hoping to get some nice ring definition when seeing is good. Considering the conditions i'm amazed how well it came out....with my old quickcam Saturn would have looked like a fuzzy winged ball under similar seeing.

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I hope you don't mind my crude levels adjustment? Perhaps a tad OTT but brings up the moon a bit clearer :)

Nice image, hope you get lucky with some good seeing soon.

Don't mind at all thanks for showing the moon Clayton I had no idea it was there lol. Cheers ;)

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