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Finally.. the Hadley Rille !!


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;) The seeing was incredible on 22 April and finally allowed me to see the entire Hadley Rille.. yay!!

I realize all it looks like is a white and black worm, but wow.. it's a milestone for this moonatic. :( By the time i was done sketching the rille, my back was screaming (injuries.. don't ask), so i had to stop and couldn't fill in any of the surrounding environs. TBH, this is the one and only time i've ever wished i was an imager instead of a sketcher. :) Thanks for looking. :(


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Thanks! :)

Mick, this is from the night after i'd posted in your lunar 100 report that i'd seen the upper portion of the rille. No idea what gave me 2 consecutive nights of good seeing, but i wish it'd happen again (and again, and again).

Carl, i was tempted to try for some pics, but i take single shots with a dinky little Nikon CoolPix and knew i'd be wasting my time. ;)

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