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Starting the Obsy


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Ok , been meaning to post up some pictures of the start of the obsy build.

I have an 8x6 shiplap shed ( apex roof ) that I hope to turn into a small obsy . I want to try and squeeze a warm room at one end . This will be a challange methinks !

We had an old pond that is no longer used , so decided to move the shed to that area , it will also help the small sky window ( 40 - 50 degrees South and 60 -70 degrees to East ) that I can view from the garden .

I have trees right behind my back wall, going to see if the local authority will reduce them a little bit for me ( excuse being they block natural light to house ! )

I also want to cover the old fence with some nice new Lap Fencing and genrally do a clear out tidy up !

At the start , as you can see , this part has been badly neglected ( shame on me ! )


The Old Pond !


Looking South, Pond cleared.


Judging where the concrete pier will be going. Black line to show size of shed ( long side ) . Long side is East - West axis.


End on view of site , black line showing width of shed . Pier material is galvinised steel ( cheers Gaz ! ) , 200mm in diameter. Will be cut later to correct size .


Shed floor with markings laid out


Gonna be tight , room for one only methinks . Area where the scope will be is 6 feet x 5 feet , checked with the scopes and tripod , I can rotate full circle , wih space let over .

The warm room will be tight but I am limited with actual space up here sadly .

On the positive side , it will be cheaper to heat , lol !

Hopefully tomorrow I can start to dig out the foundation for the concrete footings , probs be about a 3 foot cube. OUCH !!!!

Bleeding back breaking work , the sub soil is very heavy ( top soil is ok , rest is like clay ! )

Sure there will be some Q's ! So fire away folks .

Clar Skies


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