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SGL5 The Adams Report


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Firstly I would again like to thank MikeP for his cracking organisation and without all you most excellent SGL-ers it would not have been such an amazing gathering.

I arrived Thursday and set up next to Mark(y) and Martin(:(, (sorry guys) but they were brilliant neighbours.

Thursday night was a bit of a tease but when it came apparent it had turned to solid cloud it was time to retire. The Stereo Snore Sound system was in full operation that night but by the end of SGL5 it had been upgraded to full - 5.1 surround snore sound with the addition of SteveL, Lunator and Andrew*+Blinky IIRC :( I of course don't snore - never heard myself snoring!!

Thanks to RobH, Peter Shah, MartinB and TJ for the imaging talks, also thanks to MartinB for the loan of the hat and Jamie for use of his kettle.

Mark had the most amazingly neat power/electronic control board on his mount and his "wheels" were just so organised for camping/expeditions, his 12V fridge held 37 bottles of beer and one small carton of milk, he knew what his priorities were:rolleyes:.

Jamie must be a closet vegetarian judging by the amount of cow he got through on his Barbie.

Mr Squid, we never did get to have that fight LOL:p, I have got myself a personal trainer, so look out for TysonM joining the forum.;)

Although I was imaging in a fashion I loved the views through Marks 12" Dob, Jamie and his PST plus Binos and that monster Dob oh boy!

Someone, I can't remember who, thought I had only a 4 inch telescope but I pointed out my telescope is 5 inches (nearly), cor blimey accusing a man of having a smaller telescope than he really has is a bit off :):(

Thanks also to whoever shouted out "bless you!" when I had a major unexpected sneeze when decamping on Sunday.

The good weather was no coincidence BTW, my special "bring on the sun - olde magicke spelle" worked as per this post - http://stargazerslounge.com/lounge/100676-permission-moan.html

Cheers all Pete

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Thanks also to whoever shouted out "bless you!" when I had a major unexpected sneeze when decamping on Sunday.

You are welcome, and I believe the snoring was Ford Prefect and/or Daz in the two tents further down te field, as I dont ever snore (unless I have a cold).

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I'll have top get checked out.

My missus says I don't snore ;)

I steal the duvet and kick her whilst dreaming about scoring a goal in the FA cup final,

but she says I don't snore and belive me she would tell me :):( :(



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Appoligies for the snoring from me too Pete. I can't deny it as I occasionally wake myself up.

My electronics board worked a treat. Pity my rubbish webcam and poxy laptop let me down. I did get a half decent piccy of the ring nebula though so not a total loss.


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