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i need a lil help with buy some stuff please

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hi i just bought a meade 114mm goto scope and was woundering if any one can give me some adivce on what else i need to get started as i am very new to all this i want to take pictures but havent got a clue were to start??

thanks guys



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Heres my advice... im also new to all this and bought all kinds of stuff only to find out i didnt need certain things and havent had enough time to get aquainted with my scope enough to flaff around taking pics... i STRONGLY suggest you get used to your scope FULLY before purchasing ANYTHING other than a red light torch star maps and downloading stellarium. are you going to use a modified webcam or SLR/DSLR then you need to check your mount will be able to hold the extra weight (DSLR/SLR) choose budget and have a good read up... my advice if buying a webcam is go for SPC900NC as its a hell of a lot easier to modify i broke a toucam 2 trying to mod it myself doh!!! i still havent had time to use mine yet and reading up all the time. Real Astrophotography is an art and VERY expensive.

Theres lots to consider.

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Astroimaging haves nothing to do with regular photography and anything nice takes hours (sometimes days or weeks), dedication and usually a large investment.

Take a look at this to understand what's involved:




Imaging - Tips, Tricks and Techniques - Stargazers Lounge

Of course you can just pic a camera and hold it near the EP and maybe you'll get a moon/planet pic that's not that bad, but nothing close to ones on the imaging section.

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I'd echo the advice above - get your scope and find out how it works. Give it a little time and see how your interests develop. Then you can decide on the accessories that suit your needs a bit better.

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Good advice guys....

Your best bet with that scope is to start with imaging the Moon, but really, that mount is not really optimised for taking photos.

Its really a starter scope for looking at things - look at the Moon and the planets, and things like Globular Clusters (Messier 3 is up at the moment)

If you want to get into imaging, its expensive but rewarding - I recommend you attend a star party to see whats involved first!



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Take the advice of sn00p, John and Paulo:

Before you throw yourself into imaging take some time to learn and get comfortable with the equipment that you already have.

In the process you'll start learning your way around the sky and, when you've spent some time using your 'scope, you'll have a better idea of what kit you're "missing".

If, after a while you think that astro-photography is the way you want to go, then the first thing you should do is get a copy of Making Every Photon Count by Steve Richards - steppenwolf here on the forum.

It'll guide you through imaging from the start. Advising on choosing the right kit and what techniques work well, helping you avoid the costly and time-wasting pitfalls. Highly recommended and easy to read.

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