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Sorry, new version of M101. Don't look.


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Yep, that's far better (you'll be pleased to know!)

I'm looking at all three on a (supposedly) Blue Eye calibrated LaCie monitor....

The first was too blue with too sharply defined stars and very little in the way of a yellowish core...

The second had a slightly violet haze to it, especially that large star (that's now at the bottom centre with 2 very fine spikes running off it), and the surrounding sky looked pretty dead...

Now this third version has a good spectrum of colours and a far finer developed core - that's my opinion anyway!

No need to kill yourself then - a job well done!



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to my (admittedly untrained) eye, this is astonishing and inspirational.

what are you moaning about?


Only about how long it has taken me to get there! I'm quite happy with the result and think I've learned where I wa creating problems for myself along the way. Next time...


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