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SGL5 - Aka shiverfest :-)


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I do as MikeP does - memory foam blow-up mattress on top of a campbed - plus sleeping bag and duvet....

Now, the only prob was the sun during the morning - I woke up in a pool of sweat every day! Heating during the night was provided by my not-so-trusty fanheater - I turned it on at SGL5, and it required a thump to make it run.

MikeP in underwear ;) Noooooooo......

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Cool! or warm hopefully.....

I remember the first SGL I went to, someone said he didn't want to be on the same circuit as anyone with a fan heater running.... I've not heard of anyone complain though, so I guess it makes no difference ;) Terrible waste of power though, but me being warmed is more important... I am a wimp....

I think you proved your not by actually staying in that tent for ONE night!

Looking forward to SSP already - anyone know when we can book?



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I froze at SGL4 (which did not feature frost as I recall) so I was not going to take the chance again - hence the caravan. I'm with TJ now - caravans each and every time and who cares what Jeremy Clarkson thinks !.

And SGL6 is a little earlier next year ......

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Sounds like you all had a (cold) great time - makes me envious now that I did'nt venture up there, although I lived in Wales for a couple of years and from my distant memory I clearly remember it is very wet and can be very cold...

Looking forward to Salisbury again though, August is so much more civilised, wouldn't you agree? Oh, and if anyone's got a problem with Richie's fan heater, they'll have another one cos I'll have my own and probably be running it off the next 'leccy hook up to 'im!

Cheers guys, and roll on August!


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