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Was that F15 refractor at SGL5?


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My TOA130F arrive at the star party in perfect shape, no collimation issues what so ever! I'm surprised that a refractors would have such a problem since this is normally limited to reflecting optics?

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Neil Hankey

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Nope... it happens to refractors too...and as Richard has stated (and he did mention to me) the previous loaner, had done something to the screw threads.. one was loose... First night we had a Televue 2.5X powermate on it with the Skynyx on Saturn and the views were tack sharp...ask anyone who had a look... ergo I guess it just got loose the second night...

It seems to me, that this scope does evoke some quite extreme comment..not sure why, as it's just a scope...if people own it and have issues with it, then fair enough...but nobody here AFAIK barring the ones declared does...

I tend to kick off if there are major QC issues with products, across a wide range of units...(no names mentioned!), but with this one, I don't know how many have been sold, nor do I see many complaints from owners of ones thatr have... who knows...maybe people don't like the design or some other factor in this one..

I finally got to play with a really good (well apart from the sweet spot and the almost next to useless etalon tuner, which did zero apart from the last 5mm), Lunt LS60 this weekend.. The views and imaging were terrific, and after having tried 4 previously, all which were appalling (by my standards in Solar), this was a real revelation and corner turning moment... if this one (which from what Richard said, was a kind of prototype anyway, coatings on the tube etc were not final), was off, then so be it.. if a slew of em are off, then that's an issue...

we can but see

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