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OK, so i took a 1hour exposure last night for a star trail....

(image should be attached :D.....original is raw)

i know theirs a lot of vignetting around the edges, but i cant seem to remove it, making a duplicate gaussian blurred layer doesnt do much on 'difference'. also the bright area towards the bottom centre, is that also vignetting? or something else.. artifact etc, and can anybody help me to get rid of that?

Thanks in advance


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The bright area towards the bottom center is a gradient that fills almost completely the picture. Probably it is due to some source of light near the place you took the image.

I tried to remove the gradient but it is difficult to succeed because the gradient is almost as bright as the trailing of the stars. When removing it, also the stars become removed.

I used a software called fitswork4 to remove the gradient, but I guess it can be done with other programs such as PS.

Clear skies!


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