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Baader Neodymium Filter 1st Test with 127mm Mak

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Just quick 1st impressions on using my newly aquired filter

i managed to get 2 avi's of Mars which came out reasonably well

have posted in imaging planetary section

clouds came to stop my plan of capturing some without filter to see difference

hope to do some more imaging testing in future on Moon n Planets and hopefully get some pics to compare

i did get over an hour of viewing tho last night with and without Baader Neodymium Filter

attached to following EP'S, 25mm,10mm and 10mm with x2 barlow (giving mags with Mak are 60x, 150x and 300x)

tested on Moon, Mars, and Saturn at all mags above

Moon at low mag changes colour to less yellow more neutral also

slight pink tinge was noticed on part of Cresent moon

at higher mag was hard to tell difference but possibly bit better contrast

and colour noticed at low mag wasn't noticeable

overall felt no real benefit viewing (maybe slight at high mag)

tho it may be usefull for imaging rather than viewing

Mars really impressive viewing with filter compared to without greatly enhanced polar cap and dark planet markings

think this should be benefit when imaging too although slightly worried it could enhance some of the distortion and noise

overall impressive esp when viewing

(imaging result ok but would like to do comparison)

Saturn wasn't as impressive colour wise, tho image did seem more detailed esp rings which appeared more 3d like also dark regions,

ring shadow etc seemed slightly darker

also it enhanced the nearby moons of Saturn also making them much brighter than without the filter

overall not as impressive as result on Mars but for viewing it did seem to give more detail

will do test soon imaging Saturn hopefully to see if any benefit is noticed when using

also hope to try this viewing some dso's and will post results when i get round to this

think it could be usefull on dim feint fuzzys

and I can't wait to try it on Jupiter !


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Well I have the same filter and have never seen a pink tinge while looking at the moon. The filter on DSO's is very good especillly on those faint fuzzies, it just adds a touch of contrast, it's very small but in my scope does make the galaxies jump out a little.

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thx Doc

not sure what caused pink tinge but will obviously try using again

wasn't on whole of moon either just part of it, (maybe this was light cloud, haze)

was only visible at low 60x mag

have u tried using filter on planets ? if so what did u think ?

i thought it improved image colours and contrast

regards James

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I've found the filter to be very effective on both Mars and Jupiter and a bit less effective on Saturn but still very good.

On the Moon I've found it to give a nice neutral view with no trace of colour of any kind, and I have used this filter for lunar observing with a 127 Mak. In fact it's the only filter I now use on the Moon. I suspect it may be the eyepieces that you're using that are causing the colour on a bright object like the Moon. Are they the eyepieces that came with the scope?



Volcanic ash could cause the colour on the Moon so maybe when that has cleared up.

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I agree with John about the volcanic ash maybe you were looking through a thin layer of it and saw the refracted light.

As for planets, I think it does very well. It brings out alot more detail and brightens certain areas. I like this filter alot and it's always on my 2" to 1.25" adapter.

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  • 2 months later...

It's the best all-round planetary filter that I've used. Also now it's the only moon filter I use as well and it gives a nice natural grey tone to the moon. One is pretty well permanently fitted to my FLT98 as it's so useful for general observing.

Since I've been using this filter I don't touch my coloured filters now at all except for Mars.


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