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Squids Big Day Out!


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So I wasn't going to go...what a weekend I would have missed!

Thanks to all who made it a fantastic weekend!

From the organisation and the people I met I can honestly say it was the best weekend I've had for many a year! Totally stress free and a joy from begining to end.

Thanks to everyone that helped me and gave me advice/wine/beer/food :D and for taking the time to listen to me talk...and talk....and talk....and drink.....and talk!

So in no particular order....Hello's and Hugs to:

The Bristol Mob!! You know who you are so "Just Jog on".....Thanks for taking me under your wing and Hopefully will be able to make it to Salisbury in the summer for more talk in strange new accents.

Dave and Mike for having to put up with me next to them for the duration.

Neil(Bill Clinton) and Andrea my fellow Norverners and wine drinkers hope you arrived back in Holland safe!!! Can't believe you have offered to take me to Japan....that's just awesome and I know that you really mean it and wouldnt let me down or anyfink!! :)

Baz and Christine (The finder was a godsend) Hope that we will meet again soon!

Rob and the Bag lady!! Hope your van got you home safe and will make a mint on Ebay...keep on rocking!

Pete,Dave,Jamie,Martin and everyone else that I might not have mentioned for the friendship shown and booze drank!

Oh by the way Pete(adamsp123)...get in training because we still got have that FIGHT!!! :D

So MikeP be proud of yourself for putting together what for me was the perfect Astronomy weekend! and I appreciate whole heartedly the effort made by yourself and the rest of the organisers.

To Pete Shar RobH and Martin...your Imaging lecture was invaluable and I tried to put into practice what I had been taught....but honestly I ahve forgotten the lot!

A few Snaps!






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Sqid, can i have my Stuart back pleased I've not seen him since Sunday morning, I'll swap him for the wife !! lol

It was great meeting someone more bonkers then Claire.

See you at the next star party.

cheers me lover and next time, get off my land.


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Thank you sir for the Choccy Browny!!! twas like an angel crying on my tongue!!!

I say again, it was great to meet you all! I get a lot of stick being a stargazer and to be with like minded people was a breath of fresh air!

I feel truely privalaged to have met you all and hope to do it again soon!

Next time I'll have to cut down on the wine and plan my days better !!! So when darkness falls I'm not drunk and have remembered to charge my light/camera batteries and remember where I have put things from the night before :D

Drummer(Neil).....Stuart is now mine.....he said you never treated him properly and the room he now lives in under my stairs is twice as big as the suitecase under the bed that you kept him in :)

Teddy...you where right mate....I was so close to missing out....so very close!

Hope that the dob that you are lending Amanda gets used to it's full potential!

Shaula...love your M13 and the moon shot is awesome for a 130p!!!!! but why is Neil hanging around them there sheep??????????

Michael, did you manage to sketch up that Meteor?

Martin and Rob, looking at your images has inspired me to maximise the work I can do on my own and know that you are only a PM away.

Next time Martin I'll bring a bottle of whiskey as I'm partial to a drop of the hardstuff!! and I'm sure you could help me along to finish it!

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