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My few hours at SGL5


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I finally managed to get Friday off from work and left the house at about 7:30am. The journey took 4 hours, but wasn't that hard TBH - I would say much easier than getting to Kelling, which can take 3 hours easy.

I arrived around 11:30 and found that there were a lot of people already there. There must have been 30 pitches already filled up by this point.

It was great to meet up with so many people that I already knew and to meet loads of new people. Andrew, Craig, John, George, Neil are names that spring to mind - but my memory for names is really bad...

I took some images of the scopes, sunset and moon that are below. I had a great time.

I had to be home for around 3pm on the Saturday. So was up packed away and on the road for 11am Saturday morning... I believe that you guys got another clear night, which is great news.

I learnt something this weekend. It IS possible to burn your bald spot during the day and have frost over the scope that night.

A huge thank you to Mike, who did all the organising for this years event. Mike says that there are a few things that didn't go as well as hoped - I certainly didn't see them - everyone I spoke to was happy.

The outside caterers that did the BBQ on the Friday night were excellent and amazing value for money.

A great weekend.

We are looking at the dates for next years SGL6, we will post them soon. If we grow by the same amount next year as we did in the last year, we will run out of pitches.













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Super Pictures Ant. and Oh sweet memories. A pity your stay was a short one, but I would have loved to have had that time, short as it was. Never mind Hopefully next year, and I'm hopeful for Kelling.


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it was a super event.....great bunch of people lots of great advice and equipment.... highlights for me were Jamie's bino solar scopes, being able to see both surface detail and prominences at the same time. Nick Howes's 80mm pst mod (Nick get yourself a new tent for the next one!!) and seeing 4565, M3 and M57 through Kevins 20" dob....thanks very much guys!

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Peter...new tent just ordered...

Chuffing froze to death the first night..slept in my car the second (noddy little tent...my own fault)

Echo all that has been said...awesome two days...thank you everyone...and for everyone who had a look under the "bloomin ell" blanket at the PST80 station... told ya :-)

And that 20" Dob...just WOW WOW WOW...a young couple were just amazed at what they were seeing, and my mate from work who liives now in Hereford is buying a scope... ...you may just have cost me £5K by showing me that thing... amazing..

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Had a fun few hours during my flying visit... Good to see some faces from last year and fianlly meet a few others as well...

Treated the Clio to BP Ultimate for the homeward leg at £1.38 a litre in Ross... I managed 33 mpg on the way up and 22 on the way home ... but it didnt take quite so long... :D

Looking forward to next year already...


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Great piccies Ant. Shame I've got my hands in my pockets in both the ones I'm in! Nice to meet you at last and many thanks for your genorisity.

You're not the only one to burn their bald spot!

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