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Hello everyone my name is Alistair and I live at Goonbell in Cornwall. I'm new to this but am very interested in learning more I have no equipment yet but I'm going to save up for a telescope which I have no budget for yet but would welcome any ideas as to which one would be the best for me to start off with. I would like to get a telescope that I can attach my camera to so I can get pictures of the beautiful night sky.

And Looking forward to meeting people on this friendly forum and getting some much need advice. :D

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Hi Alistair,

a very warm welcome to SGL, whilst saving for your telescope, see if in the meantime you can obtain a pair of 10x50 binos, these together with the free program Stellarium will open up a whole new world for you, enjoy the forum.


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Hi Alistair and welcome to SGL.

I'm not really qualified to suggest what scope to get being a beginner myself. But Skywatcher is a pretty good brand, I have a Explorer 200p reflector which is a pretty big telescope and takes some getting used to. I did start off with a Meade ETX 60 which is a goto scope but being only 60mm, just over 2 inches it's nots as good at collecting light as my new one which is 8 inches.

It's best to do a bit of investigating on the net and ask on here, there are lots of really experienced people on here that can give you some good advice.


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