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03:55 BST (02:55 UT)

16x60 bins

Over North Lincolnshire, shuttle was a bright orange-ish dot travelling 15 seconds in front of the brighter ISS, which as expected was even brighter, and moving at a fair old pace. I've seen the ISS many times, and the shuttle + ISS a few times, but never so close together and this was by far my best viewing of the pair. And what a majestic pair they made! I spent so much of the time watching the shuttle, I almost forgot the ISS was there. As they sank into the East I was able to get them both in the same FOV.

Sometimes it's hard to express how something so mundane as a couple of bright lights can bring so much enjoyment, and this is one of those occasions, it was beyond words...


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Unbelievably i was randomly searching the net and i came across a website that lists the viewing times for the ISS and the Shuttle, it said it was in veiw over Middlesbrough at the time i was reading it!, i went staright out my rear garden, and there they were both glowing splendidly!...Thats the best ive veiwed them both as well:D

They are both due back over at 05.28 again, altho im not sure they'll be viewable due to the rising sun?

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Good stuff! that must have been some sight!

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I was out last night just before 10.30PM showing Saturn to my father-in-law. Conditions were rubbish, loads of high hazy cloud, so we only spent a few minutes out there. We were looking up and noticed a bright dot travelling, I'm guessing, from the West to the South East. To the right of Saturn at the time anyway. I said "Oh, that must be the space station" as I'd seen it a couple of weeks before, but of course it wasn't once I checked on Stellarium. Couldn't find any satellites that matched either.

I've just edited this post because I didn't check the date on the OP. I was going to say this must have been the shuttle, but it couldn't be could it.

Anyone got any idea what we saw? SE London location looking at Saturn. The dot moved roughly as described above.


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