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HEQ5 Synscan firmware upgrade

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Just got a HEQ5 synscan and the handset is firmware v3.25. I have a 12v 2amp main power adapter which I use to power the mount off the mains.

To upgrade the firmware I believe I need to unplug the handset from the mount and power the handset directly. However the manual states I need a 12v 100ma power supply for then handset.

My question is can I use the 12v 2amp power supply to power the handset whilst I do a firmware upgrade?


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Basically the hour angle - ie how many hours have elapsed since Polaris transited. You can use that as an easier way to set up the polar alignment. It will give HOur Angle and Clock Position.

Clock Position is where on a clock face Polaris would appear if it was the hour hand of the clock with relation to the polar circle in the polarscope (ie if the clock position was 18:00 then polaris would be at the base of the polar circle.

Hourangle is different. Lets say that the HA is 2 hours. That tells you its been two hours since Polaris was in transit. So set your mounts RA until the POlaris marker is at the bottom most position (ie 6 o clock). Now unlock the RA setting circle and rotate the mount through its RA motion until the RA circle shows 2 hours forwards. Lock the RA motion - Voila wherevere the POlaris target marker is in the polarscope is where Polaris should be.

Hope thats some help.

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Thanks Marmite and Astro_Baby I was in a store when the techs from SkyWatcher visited and he said put Polaris in the small circle in the time indicated say 10 pm and you don't need all the other stuff. I followed the advice and it aligns very well.

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