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Hello SGL!


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Hello to all the members of SGL!

My name is Jerome, I'm French and have been living in the south of England for about 4 years now and I'm seriously considering enjoying astronomy. I should say "again" as I had about 6 years ago one of the first Meade ETX90. It gave me, as a first telescope, nice visions and dreams. I must say that as time passes I have forgotten a lot of the technicalities but still the images are there in my mind :saturn:

So, one thing that I remember was that bigger is better, but also that cost grows exponentialy with the size...

So I have been looking at what is now availlable (and what I can afford) and I came across the Celestron C6 SGT (XLT) GOTO Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope, can anyone tell me if this is something I would be please with? I want to look at planets but also galaxies are in my mind. Also Astrophotography would be a step that I would like to take with time.

I don't suppose that the new 125 ETX are large enough are they?

Thanks in advance for your help!


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Welcome to SGL Jerome.

There are plenty of people on here who will be along to offer you advice on what telescope. Meantime have a look in the equipment discussion thread, some very strong views and robust debates in there!

Anyway welcome to the forum good friendly bunch here, there will be lots of advice coming.


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