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Tube rings + Dovetail


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At the moment I have a Prinz Optics 660 (76.2mm f/16.4) in the workshop for a re-spray.

The scope is to be used on a modern mount, and the original tube clamp does not marry well

with a dovetail bar, and finding off the shelf tube rings that fit appear to be near impossible,

so decided to make my own.

Pic #1. First choose a suitable log and mount on the wood lathe for turning down.

Pic #2. The rough turning is done and a piece is mounted to the face plate.

Pic #3. After 15 minutes of fun, you have two tube rings. These are tapped and bolted

to a dovetail bar made from a piece of hardwood. Each tube ring is tapped and fitted with

felt tipped M4 set-screw bolts for holding the telescope tube.

Pic #4. I spray painted the rings and dovetail black as this seemed more in keeping with the

scope. Finally set-up on an EQ5 mount. All I need to do now is paint the tube and job done.





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Thats a great job Mike.

You know there was a time when ATM DIY involved making like this.

Have we astronomers become too reliant on CNC machined stuff these days and forgotten that wood works just as well.


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Towa, that is absoloutley fantastic! i really enjoyed seeing how you make that!

I too am a wood worker and currently at university studying Wood craft and Design. I reaally love using the laithe :D

I have recently just finished making a Stool for my university work, using Walnut and hemlock wood. I also made springs out of wood underneath the seat so that it has slight suspension when you sit on it :)

I will try and post a picture if you would be interested?

I am also thinking of making something out of wood for my scope to make it more personal!

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Would sure like to see that Astorix, maybe you could convert it into an observing stool.

My next project is the restoration of my Tasco 6T, the picture below shows what it looks like at the moment. I'm making the lens

cell out of wood, with a wooden tube and wood finder scope.

Also made these bits and bobs here:http://stargazerslounge.com/diy-astronomer/101001-man-shed.html


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