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SGL5 has started

Mark at Beaufort

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Spoke to Kev today.. going to make the final call based on the Forecast but at the moment its Friday Afternoon into Saturday we'll be popping up and tryign to blag so

me Solar and hopefully Stellar viewing ...

It will be great to meet up with the peeps from SGL4 and meet some new faces...


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Setting out tomorrow morning. Looking forward to it. Might even get some observing in. (cloud and volcanic ash willing....)

Mrs Jarndyce's (Liz) first star party and since she's not a big fan of camping, she's obviously keen to come!

Keep the skies clear for us, Mark.


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I'm really sorry I won't be there. I can only hope it is a big and happy party for you all. Good skies will be a huge bonus, but even if not, you will still have a time to remember.

Good luck everybody. And lots of pics. please, so I can see what I missed.


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Hah! You can't tempt me away from my light polluted and distressingly moist back garden! I defy you with your promise of dark skies free of my beloved orange haze! I laugh in the face of your scintillating views of the night sky and pour ice cubes down the vest of your inspirational shared experience of this great hobby of ours!

...Jealousy is such an ugly emotion don't you think? :D

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I'm sitting on my deck chair outside the tent supping coffee as I type. The site's really filling up now. It's nice to see loads of familar faces and some new ones as well.

Happy days! :D:hello2:


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