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Colour Filters

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I am thinking of buying some colour filters to help bring out detail on planets etc. I am not sure which colours I shall need. I don't want to buy things I shall not use. Any advice will be welcome.

I am viewing with a 120mm Celestron refractor from a reasonably light poluted suburban site.

A filter to see through clouds would also be good (only joking).


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I find colour filters useful for Mars and Saturn. This is roughly what you'll need from the Kodak Wratten series:


25 Red - increases contrast between darker and lighter areas

15 yellow - helps id yellow clouds

44a Blue, 47 violet and 58 green - helps detection of white clouds and surface frosts. Makes them brighter


25 Red, 44a Blue - increases contrast between equatorial belts and lighter zones

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Certain colour filters do give a BIT more contrast on planet detail for scopes of apeture 90-130mm but they really only come into play on scopes with larger apeture then 130mm.

I have found on both my 90mm and 130mm scopes that a yellow filter helps SLIGHTLY with both Saturn and Jupiter.

The Light Pollution Filter (the cheapest one) stated above really does work wonders for cutting down on light pollution. Also a moon filter is worth every penny.

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