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My first lunar photo - from a mobile!!


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Great effort Lee, still amazes me you can get images like these from a Mobile Phone :laugh:

Editted your image to bring out more details, this was done in Photoshop CS2 were i played with Level's,Highlights+Shadows and some noise reduction filters..


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Steve I have about a 2 hour slot in the garden before it goes behind my house at the mo. Went out every 15min to check cloud cover 8:30 - 9:45 was terrible but after about 10pm there was a clearing. Wanted to try and catch M32 with binos as well direct above moon at 10pm...but was too cloudy. Wow good enhancement James. Thanks a lot. Ps : I used a 10mm lense which made the FOV so small for mobile lense...took a alot of patience. I then resorted to a movie on the mobile and paused it on the good frames and print screened, save as jpg.


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