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Convert Vixen 0.965" focuser to take 1.25" eyepieces

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After having been told in the responses to my first post that the eyepiece in my new telescope is a Vixen, I now need to find out how to make it accept my 1.25" eyepieces. The focuser has a female thread that takes a male threaded adapter? which accepts 0.96" eyepieces. I have found this 0.96" to 1.25 adapter but I think it will mean that I have limited what my telescope can focus on as the distance from the eyepiece lens to the secondary mirror will have to change from normal if I use it. Can anyone recommend a suitable replacement for the "eyepiece holder" I currently have? I have taken a couple of photos to show what I mean:


The part I would like to replace is the one I'm holding in the photo above. Its about 36mm from one outside edge of the thread to the other.


It looks like this when its all assembled: (guide scope wrong way round :-) )


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