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Another from the 10th

neil phillips

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wow! those are really nice images! very sharp and clear! what mag is that?

Hi i used a televue 3x barlow on a f6.3 scope at native 1600 mm FL so 3x 1600 = 4800 mm Focal length so actually quite a low mag, these are about 150 and 140% resizes here

I tried much higher but that transparency of the location was not great, and ended up on the utmost slowest exposure lol. the kind of exposures one could catch deepsky objects with

What scope and camera are you getting ?

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Cheers John

Stuart i just need to get one, i foolishly sold my last when my old DFK had its own built in, But now its modded to a DBK im shy of such said filter, hopefully not for long, as its a pain with really terrible dispersion

Hi Nick No its a imaging source DBK, i tried the lifecam without IR filter, the detail was ok but dispersion was terrible, I also have issues with the lifecams colour, white balance seems impossible to get right with just one slider for colour control, it needs 2 ( red and blue ) one just does not seem to cut it, so for me personally its a great cam that seriously needs redesigning for astro, There was a astro program i saw recently cant remember which one, but when purchased i think it enabled a 3 colour wavelet slider for colour control, that might have worked, if my tests on its lunar performance are positive ( but colour a issue which i suspect ) then maybe it might be worth buying a program that gives more colour control, I know MONO gets the vote for lunar and we all know why thats sound, but for those on a budget the lifecam does offer huge colour panes that could be stitched at a silly price for those starting out, indeed im not exactly starting out but i have never filmed the moon on anything larger than 640 x 480 so interesting the chance to film large slices of the moon in colour hopefully with quality on pennies sure you agree nick, ill see how my experiments go if i think its worth trying to get better colour control i may try it, info in the making here.

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