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Thoughts comments on cheap apochromatic barlow

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Hi all , I'm looking at upgrading my barlow lense which came with the skywatcher 127 mak and have come across an apochromatic one for under £40 , this is so much cheaper than the others and i'm interested in getting one but wanted to hear other peoples thoughts on it . Brand is Revelation Astro 2.5x apochromatic barlow thanks .

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I bought one of these recently for observing planets. I knew I might be pushing my luck buying a cheap lens and hoping for very high magnifications under UK skies, but after trying it out on Saturn a few nights ago I'm very pleased with it. Using a 5mm ep with the barlow gives me 500x with my setup and despite this extreme magnification, Saturn was beautifully sharp.

I haven't had the chance to use it on any other targets yet, but after the incredible views of the 'ringed one' the other night, I'd recommend it as a good buy.



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I bought one of these too last month as a cheap way of getting a planetary eyepiece. Have to say i am very pleased with it, can't tell it apart from the Celestron Ultima i had before. Nicely finished too.

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