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As I've previosly posted, for that price you can get a 150mm newtonian which will, to use a much abused phrase, blow that 60mm scope away, performance-wise.

The GOTO might point the scope at things but you will not be able to get satisfying views of most of them with 60mm of aperture.

Stick to your plans of a 130mm or 150mm scope - you will see so much more with it :)

Another quick point - magnification is not what it's all about. APERTURE is the key to satisfying astronomical observing.

I know their prices are tempting but do also check out the customer feedback posts on SGL on that supplier :p

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Would anyone recommend this telescope?

Meade ETX 60 AT Special Edition GOTO starter kit

although the goto handset looks good, am i just being drawn in by that and promises of high mag? will the apature be awful? and will the images be unclear?

I had the ETX 70 sold up and bought the skymax 127.... i now whish i went for 250px dob.... All said and done i will be keeping the skymax as its highly portable and simple to use and Navigate.... However the size of things in the eyepiece is what have pushed me to thinking 250px.... in the ETX 70 saturn was little more than a pin head with a small pencil thick line through the middle with 9mm EP. the Skymax 127 is a small pea sized with much more ring detail at the same 9mm EP... im hoping to view saturn at 5p/20p size with a 250???

DONT be fooled by what you see in mags and on the boxes... it will only dissapoint you SERIOUSLY. I have learnt quickly and expensively that size REALLY does matter... that said and done i just bought a skywatcher heritage 76mm mini dob for the kids to play with but have to say its ideal for the brighter Globs and wide field bright DSO's.... a snip at less than £50.

Even at 127mm Ap im still disapointed in the size and detail of what im seeing (apart from moon) and now wishing i ditched the synscan idea and just went for larger on a simpler mount.... then maybe later bought the smaller more portable 127mm mak.

Thankfully you kinda chill down after a while and realise and understand what your seeing is a real marvel no matter what the size but you cant help always wanting more :-)

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