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Google Sky Map as a finder?

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I've just recently got a HTC Desire, and being full of android lurrrrrvlyness I of course got the sky map app on there like a shot. I was wondering if anyone has tried using an android phone and this app as a finder? I was thinking that if I plonked it on the end of the focuser or some such, so that it was pointing the same direction as the scope it'd probably give me a good ball park fix on where I was aiming.

Anyone tried this out? Perhaps the accuracy is a bit pants? I'm going to have to give it a go if this cloud will hurry up and nick off :)

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my daughters boyfriend has just got that phone,one of the apps he downloaded was good one.just hold the phone up to the sky where you want to look at and a picture of the night sky comes up,in real time,constalations,planets,dso,s.gonna have to get one myself,lol.


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I would wonder how accurate these apps are in terms of pointing as the star positioning on mine depends a lot on what angle you hold the phone.

As a portable Stellarium type program they are great, and can give you an idea of where things are.

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