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RE; The Gadget Show Live...


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As Coco said; it was a let down, no astro gear in sight.

however, a 3d multi screen developer assures me that a 3d planetarium is on its way, now the image is so sharp it could be stunning.

sorry there is no other astro new gadgets though, i was down about it all day.

got a RC hellicoptor to fly around the house though... cheered me up no end :)

TC all,


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its an s107, just been and bought a exceed innovation type but its no where near as precise and wobbles when flying.. its going back today, it flies for about 2 mins tops. rubbish. the s107 OTOH is awsome, 45 min charge 15min flying, stable gyro, zooming around the house, i`ve built a heli pad out of an old biscuit tin...:) i love it, it comes up from behind the sofa like Airwolf... den den daaaa


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