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Photo tripods

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Hi All,

I'm after a photo tripod as part of a grab & go setup and am swayed towards a red snapper one, having seen the positive comments in another thread, however I have no prior experience with these things. Can anyone advise me as to:

Whether a carbon fibre tripod would be better that an aluminium one in terms of vibration damping?

Whether the standard thread on the Column is 3/8"?


whether there is an advantage to a 4-section vs. a 3-section one in terms of stability.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Hunterknox

Looks like a great tripod apart from there doesnt seem to be any pan or tilt so you would need to buy a head as well. The Redsnapper site doesnt state the thread size but I would imagine its a standard camera thread. You could email then and ask.

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Well, much depends on what scope you're planning to use it with. I use my ST80 with simple Velbon Sherpa 250r (or is it 450?:)) . Anyhow, maybe not the best choice, some might say, but I went a budget route, and it suffices for what I need. One handle locking control means no fiddling around with multiple lock knobs in the dark, and the fluid head is really nice smooth and strong even if tilted. In order not to compromise stability too much I usually don't extend the shaft, or even all the leg sections.

What I actually did, I took my scope to Jessops where I bought the tripod, and just asked them whether I could try out couple of their tripods from the display. I'd offer you do the same, it really helped me decide, as everybody's preference differs, and you could well be happy with lighter option than you may think. Or heavier. I was tempted to go for a sturdiest one I could find.. until I realized the price and weight :p


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The RedSnapper has a reversible screw in the top so it's both 1/4 and 3/8. The three section tripod is a bit more stable but the four section is more compact for carrying. I've found that there's no real difference in vibration damping between a carbon and aluminium tripod, at least not in this price range.

While the Red Snapper 283 tripod is quite a good one, and equivalent to the Manfrotto 055, the heads that Red Snapper sell aren't of very good quality and I wouldn't recommend them for astro use. The Giottis video head is quite good with a counterbalance spring and fluid type movement and only about £50.00 (from Rother Valley Optics). The best head would be a Manfrotto geared head, but they're not cheap as they start at £140.00.

You might also consider the Horizon tripod with head that's sold by FLO among others. A great buy for the money.


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