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Over 300 galaxies!


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I passed 300 galaxies last night. Just so clear! I could have stayed out all night!!

I was picking out some galaxies in Virgo and surrouns. A few notable ones..NGC4697..a caldwell and the brightest non messier galaxy in Virgo! I trained my 15 x 70 binos on this and could just make it out with averted vision..sweet!:p 4666 appealed to me as I love those edge on ones! 4643 4457 were also pretty easy even with direct vision.

The harder group was 3681/4/6 in Leo. a "group" of three faint blobs! 3681 is the easiest...

Also revisited M104..So low! Nice though and I also managed 4856 a mag 10.5 at a dec of 21degrees which pleased me from my site...

I want to go out again but my eyes are tired! Any majic get your tiredness to go away cures???

Picking up some 100mm binos this weekend...I have just bought an alt az celestron bino mount...Very nice but made for dwarfs?:)

Clear skies everyone...

On to 400....

Mark, tired, Bristol..

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Good one MD - cloud here tonight so I am green with envy.

One of my best observing memories was to see 2 Virgo cluster galaxies in the same FOV. about 65M light years away and 2M light years apart. Just blew my mind, it was so great to think of the sheer distances involved.


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wow, 300! well done.

I saw my first galaxies last night (apart from M31 which I saw last year).

My 12" dob showed a lovely image of M81 and 82 in the same field - stunning - and also later on M51 and NGC5195. 4 in one night - I was well chuffed, especially as I live just outside of Manchester/Stockport!

I had a quick scan in Virgo but didn't really know where to look - hadn't planned on looking there so just checked out Saturn (again - one of my faves). managed to see two moons actually under the rings which was a nice change. one on the right a lot brighter than the pin head on the left (in the eyepiece).

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Nice one, I'll look out for these. I do enjoy picking up suggested objects from these deep sky reports. It's a wonderful region for the galaxies isn't it? I also particularly enjoy multiple objects in the eyepiece - M84 and 86 for example.

As for tiredness I often have cuppa tea, snack and 20 minute catnap. The key is to nod off sitting up cos if you lie down you'll just sleep on rather than catnap.

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Hi Mark - impressive... very impressive. I'm sure I've seen a load more DSO's than I can remember (but not perhaps 300) but just have not yet managed to work out a simple "at the scope" effective way to tick them off.

Look forward to some more chats at SGL V

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