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Oh what a night


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Finally got chance and time to try running through the filters. Think I may need to refocus on blue but the L R G seem to focus at the same point.

Also Im having trouble setting up guiding. keeps saying not enough star movement even when I switched guiding on thru the ed80. anyone know a walk thru or best place to read up on settings. I havnt read the maxim manual yet so I may just be gun jumping :).

any how let me know your comments/thoughts.







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Good work Myk and you've picked up the faint outer arms of M101 very nicely.

During calibration Maxim needs a minimum of 5 pixels to accept a star as having moved. There are 2 possible problems - the guide calibration time isn't sufficient in one of your axes or there is a problem with your guide cable somewhere. Maxim shows a red line to show the movement of the star during the calibration routine. This will show whether there is any movment at all. Is it both axes or just one? Under guide settings try giving a longer time e.g. 20 seconds.

I suspect the appropriate signals aren't getting through to the mount

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I'm having exactly he same issue in Maxim.

How are you connecting to the mount? I've been told that under the guider settings to change the drop down list tells EQMOD how to speak to the mount, as standard it's on Guider Relay (I think), try changing that to "Via Telescope".

If you find out, can you let me know? http://stargazerslounge.com/equipment-help/100972-anyone-use-maxim-eqmod-eqdir.html

The M101 image is nice, once you add flats into the processing you'll be well away! Nice one.



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