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M3 using new setup


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Finally got all my DIY and computer issues together and managed to get some images! Solved my computer control problems by using 2 USB lines: 1. laptop/USB repeater/powered hub/image cam & guide cam & gamepad. 2. laptop/USB-serial/serial/synscan HC. These two lines also go through my new through-the-wall connector setup. So after polar align I can retreat to the (warm) conservatory (no open door now required!) and setup EQMOD alignment, find the target, set the camera exposure program and watch the subs roll in. Everything now a joy to use and such a shame I have to setup and tear down each session, losing about an hour each time.

Anyway, here is a shot of M3 to join the rest! C8+FR+1000D+OAG, Just a stack of 10x5m, no darks, flats or bias applied yet. Will try that later.


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