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Balancing Telescope

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Ok this may seem like a dumb question but i set up my newly purchased HEQ5 and Intes MN68 just to see how the mount handled this heavy scope! However i soon found it would not balance against the counter weights with the OTA just creeping down. How important is it that the scope is correctly balanced before i power up the mount and start slewing etc?

Will i have to get another counterweight and if i do does anyone have one they would be willing to sell??



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I would say it's very important especially to reduce the strain on the motors. You will find a perfectly balanced scope performs so much better, so yes another counterweight is in order.

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Thanks! It has certainly cost me a bit and it hasn't seen first light yet for a number of reasons! However i'm off on a trip to a campsite in Exmoor national park next week where they are also applying for dark sky park status so hopefully once i look through the eyepiece all this money i've spent will seem like a bargin!

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