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Quick question with polar alignment.

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Evening all,

I've just calibrated my NEQ6's polar scope as per the instructions on Steppenwolfs website.

After doing that I thought I'd set my mount to April 6th at roughly 6:30pm.

Now on my reticule polaris is showing at roughly the ten oclock position but on checking this with polar finder it has polaris at the 4 oclock position. Exactly opposite.

I've gone back over every step but cant see where I have gone wrong.

Cant I just set the reitcule to the same position as polar finder and then just adjust the mounts alt and az until polaris is in its spot?

Say set the reticule to 8pm the same as it looks on polar finder and then at 8pm adjust my mount to suit?

I think I know the answer but I've just spent the last couple of hours over thinking everything and now I have a headache.......

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The short answer is yes you can. You also may have polarfinder set for a corrected view rather than the view through the telescope - in which case it will be upside down and that may explain the difference in the two views.

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Hmmm, just checked polar finder and the "Show View Through Telescope" box was checked.

Going to go back over everything and make sure everything is how it should be and then try setting the reticule to a pre-determined time and adjust the mount to suit.

Although that idea means I'm guessing when the clouds arn't about......:(

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I don't know if this is correct or not, but can't you turn the mount so that the picture of e.g. Ursa Major is in the right direction compared with Polaris and then adjust until Polaris is in the circle? So no need to use "polar finder" or even note the time? I could of course be totally wrong - I've only used my NEQ6 once (Sunday).


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YOu can do that as well astrosnaps but its not as accurate. I usually work with the setting circles cos they are always spot on even though I only observe so I dont really need the accuracy.

Thank you for that, I'm relieved that I'm not totally wrong. I have always used setting circles with my GPDX mount. I was only observing on Sunday so that is ok. The NEQ6 is destined for my observatory when I get it and then I imagine I will have to also use drift alignment to get it spot on.


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