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Now that the weather is susposed to be getting a bit better, I've ventured into the shed to start making stuff again.

Here are a few bits and pieces from the past. All machined from Fraxinus Excelsior and friction polished to a nice silky smooth finish.

The first image shows focus mount end plugs, while the second image shows a 2" fitting extension tube machined from a single piece,

I fitted it with a compression ring and baffles. It's extremely strong and actually weighs less than the metal one I have.

On the right are dust plugs for my .965", 1.25" and 2" diagonals.

The final image shows a display stand for my Victorian binoculars and a couple of eyepiece cases, which are a bit different to the usual plastic bolt cases.

At the moment I'm working on a wood tube for a little f/12 refractor and finder scope.




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Some very nice work there Towa :( I love the grain in ash wood, If only I had a wood lathe I would never leave my shed. Could these be stained black before a polish ?

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Yes, they can be stained. The results can be variable and it does take some experimenting

to get the desired results, but basically you can stain the wood any colour you wish.

I've even used shoe polish to stain some work in the past. Black shoe polish may even work

with the Ash, I might give it a go as a little experiment.

I was thinking about spray painting the extension tube black, to see what type of finish I get.

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