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Cameras & Light Pollution

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Morning all (or evening/afternoon depending where you are).

I have started this as a hobby over Easter and have pucrchased the Explorer 150pl. I have a few questions that I hope you could answer for me.

I was wondering if people could suggest an article that shows how to connect a dslr to the telescope? It states that it comes with a connection but I'm a little unsure how to find and use it.

I live in Central London and the night sky isnt great, are there filters that can work through the light pollution?

One more :(. I've noticed that when looking through the eyepiece even the slightest touch causes alot of vibration that takes a while to settle. Is this correct? I was wondering if I had not balanced the scope correctly i.e. weights?

Thanks for any help.


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Welcome to SGL Oliver.

In answer to your questions...

1. To connect your scope to a DSLR you will need the appropiate T adapter for your camera, this just replaces your lens. Then onto this you need a T Thread nosepiece this attaches to the T adapter then slides into your focuser.

2. Look under First light Optics, it's a shop who sponsers SGL they have a range of light pollution filters these simply screw onto the end of your eyepiece. But don't expect miracles as they only supress a little of the light pollution, nothing beats dark skies.

3. All mounts take a little time to stop vibrating, the more expensive the mount the better it is, but balancing is vitally important in stopping vibration, also weight. Maybe hang some weights under the tripod this normally lessens mount vibration.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the response I will have a look for the eyepieces. On eyepieces a friend of mine said that It was dangerous to look at the moon through an unfiltered scope. I know its dangerous to look at the sun but didn't know about the moon. Is this correct?

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Its not danegerous at all, but you will only ever look at the moon unfiltered once (especially a full moon), then spend half an hour understanding exactly why that is so :(

Im confused now, spend half an understanding what? :D

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why you cant see prooerly and walking round the garden in circles with one eye not working quite so well due to one eye being exposed to the bright moon and the other still being reasoanbly dark adapted. Its a trick I play on my family when they come round, always fun to watch them try to walk in a straight line :(

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