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Right nearly there then last bit of help i hope

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Hi again

Thanks everybody who has taken the time to respond to me this is my third posting and i have recieved tons of useful information, I am probably going to settle for the Skywatcher 150p or 200p but now i need to know the type of motor i need to get to do some tracking and imaging.

I really appreciate the advise



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It depends on the mount. You can just have a Right Ascension Motor (RA) which means the scope runs at the same rate as the planet is turning. OR you can have a RA and a Declination (DEC) motor. You really only need one for tracking.

Bear in mind these motors are for tracking only so they dont run very fast - you have to manually push the scope to its target and then turn the tracking on in effect.

How long you can run for imaging I have no idea - each mount has its own motor gear.

An EQ5 set is £77 for RA or £90 for both axis. Given the small price difference I'd get both. The EQ3-2 set is about the same price (quid cheaper for both).

I;d really discuss this with Steve at FLO though before you buy.

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Hello Glyn. Welcome to SGL, and I'm pleased you are getting all the help you asked for. It's one of the good things about the members here, always plenty of advice given when someone asks for it.

I hope you enjoy your new telescope when you manage to get up and running.


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