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Messiers ranked by easiness


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...it really is a comment on what we've done to the atmosphere when comparing the equipment today with that used by the likes of Messier, and us asking which of his catalogue is easier to find. Of course, very few of us would muster the dedication and perserverence to match his observing either.. but then again, nor do we have the kind of Patronage like those fellows then :D

it's a bit like all the health and education we take for granted now.. what, so few years ago, was only the privelege of Popes and Princes, is now a thing of common accessability to the common herd :D ...and we can share it all on this internet thingy too :(

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I've seen all the Messiers and nobody paid me to do it.:(

Here's yet another list, "Amalia's 200", which is specifically aimed at beginners, and has objects ranked according to the author's estimate of visibility (ranging from "naked eye", e.g. M42, to "challenging", e.g. M97). I converted it from Excel to Word as I can't seem to upload .xls. It was originally posted on Cloudy Nights:

CN FORUMS ARCHIVE Telescope Reviews: Amalia's 200


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cool 8)

same there seems to be hardly anything that is worth looking at this month though.

at what point in the list does it start getting difficult to see things in light polluted skies?

Go galaxy hunting in Coma Berenices and Virgo, plenty to look at there.

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Hi to all on SGL,

Some great advice given on this forum,for a relative newcomer, I have been really enjoying observing dso's.Think though that my favourite non solar system observation has to be using my cpc925 with a Nagler 9mm to resolve the stars within M13. Astounding!

Clear skies


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