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Eyepieces for Planetary Observing

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I'm looking for some advice on what eyepieces to get for my new Skywatcher Skyliner 300p Flextube Auto (f/5).

My main use will be for planetary observing. The scope came with SP10mm & 25mm and I have a 2x Skywatcher Barlow from a previous scope.

I would probably spend around one or two hundred, maybe more if there is a flexible solution, i.e barlows and a couple of eyepieces etc...

I have been looking at a SkyWatcher Nirvana UWA 4mm Eyepiece but i'd like to gain some confidence on it all before splashing out.

Many thanks for any replies.

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I also have a Flextube 300p and my high-power eyepieces are a 6mm TMB Planetary and 4mm Nirvana. I find the 6mm excellent for both planetary and deep-sky; the 4mm gets far less use because of the limits of sky conditions (I mostly do deep-sky so I tend to observe on nights when the air is clear but turbulent). Both are excellent but if you were only getting one I'd suggest the TMB, which costs around £50.

I would add that planetary views with my Flextube improved considerably once I added some baffling.

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The Nirvana 4mm is a bit too high powered and may not see much use. Better off looking at the 7mm which will give 214x in the 300P.

Or better still the 16mm Nirvana and a nice barlow (Ultima 2x or TV 2x), which will give a nice useable power most nights of the year of 188x. And also give you a knockout workhorse eyepiece for the 300P. The 16mm by itself is brilliant with the 300P for deepsky work.


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I have the full set of UWAN's and the 16 Uwan is definitely the workhorse of the bunch. I would go for the 7 Uwan above the 4 Uwan as I very rarely use the 4mm as seeing condition just will not support it.

Russ's idea of a good quality barlow to go with the 16 uwan is a very good idea.

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I agree with the other posters re: a 4mm probably not getting used much. I find 7mm - 5mm my most used focal lengths for high power, even when I had a 12" F/5 dob.

The Nirvana 7mm would be a good choice because it's wide FoV helps with a dob - although I see yours is the driven version so that may be less important. I've been trying out a 7mm Baader Geniune Ortho which is a very high perfomer and well within your budget but the narrow field of view and relatively short eye relief might not be to everyones taste.

Don't forget to keep some £'s for a nice low power, wide field eyepiece as well.

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I would add that planetary views with my Flextube improved considerably once I added some baffling.

Looks like i'm heading down the 7mm route then... Thanks for the advice everybody, I always feel like i'm in safe hands on here!!!

Also, thanks for the tip on baffling I shall look into it...

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Just something to think about.....

A 7mm will give x214 - good for our UK skies but it will give an exit pupil size of 1.4mm - you may find this is too bright to catch subtle planetary detail.

I find around .75mm exit pupil is a good balance but in your scope that would be x400 which is beyond what our skies will allow on most nights.

I would suggest you invest in a neutral density filter or variable polariser to reduce the glare.

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