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Quick DSO, before and after

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This is a jpg from June last year, loaded into PSCS2, converted to 16bit, applied Shadows/Highlight to taste, converted to 8bit, saved out as jpg again. Thats the only difference between these two images (honest!).

The PS Shadows/Highlights tool was mentioned for planetary imaging at the SGL imaging day, but after using it on my Rosette data and now this M16, i will be using it quite a lot from now on :(

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Oooooooh, gorgeous! That's a brilliant pic Steve. And what a difference that alteration made.

I have two weeks off from Thurs so will have a go at was suggested with the downloads!


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On regular photography I use the highlight option when my sky comes in a shade too close to sparse clouds. It helps bring out the contrast and detail without changing the remaining sections of the picture and makes the sky bluer.

It seams to be as useful in astro imaging. Great tool indeed!

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This method seems to work with "clusters" as well. Below are two images of the Double Cluster in Perseus. The second image has been subjected to the shadows/highlights tool in PS2.

( Pics taken with the 130mm APO at F6 using a modded Canon 350D.)

Been away from Astronomy for a while just started to get back to imaging again.




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