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How best to get rid of dust

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This is actually linked to my previous post.

What is the best way to get rid of dust on both a telescope and eyepieces (aside from prevention!) ? I use a blower but it is nowhere powerful enough to get rid of some of them. I've heard that some people use brushes - anyone got specific advice on which kind?

Also I've heard it said that you shouldn't blow on eyepieces to get rid of dust. Would this visibly effect the eyepiece? If so in what way?

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the blower for removing dust particles is okay since they pose no obstacle at observing. if you use a newton the secondary holder is a bigger obstacle than dust so cleaning should take place only once every few years. NEVER EVER use air canister as they contain chemicals that can corode your optics. i use a small blower to remove any dust particles from my eyepieces and i have a cleaner from baader which is very good and a cloth that can't scratch the lens of the eyepiece. it's the first time i hear using a brush but if that's the case i guess the hairs of the brush should be very very smooth in order not to scratch the optics.

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General advice is; don't... Unless it is really bad, you're likely to do more harm by trying to get rid of the dust that just leaving it be. It looks a lot worse that it actually is...

Agree that you shouldn't use an air canister. They're alright for a quick blast (if you handle them very carefully) -- but pretty quickly they'll start spitting out nasty vapour that will do more harm than good. And don't shake them before you use them!

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Thanks for the advice.

I have tried the blower and it just doesn't seem powerful enough to remove a lot of the dust. Once or twice I must confess I did blow gently on the eyepiece (eek!) and now I seem to have little silver 'bubble' marks on the eyepiece - it sounds a similiar problem to MJP's earlier thread about his eypieces.

Will blowing even gently on an EP produce a very visible negative effect on the EP?

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Photographic shops will sell you a good lens blower and brush, FLO sell Baader Optical Wonder Fluid for cleaning your optical kit which Steve endorses, but not mirrors, these have to be treated in a special way, you should not blow on an ep as this will impart moisture particles onto the glass, as far as I am aware this will not cause any harm or any visual affects but make sure the lens is cleaned in a proper manner soon after, it also helps to keep the lens caps on as soon as an ep has been finished with.

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