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Some crater close in's


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EQ6, SPX350 F29.4, DMK21AF, 5x Powermate, Astrodon Red filter.

Taken 22nd Feb with vgood seeing at times allowing this longer fl to be used for first time. The 5xPM is working at 6.5x, processed with AviStack and CS3 900/3600frames stacked.

Thanks for looking, John.




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Basically your only limeted by seeing now John, How fast do you learn ? Seeing your great work is inspiring me to get back into lunar imaging John. Its not that i dont want to, but, everytime its high enough, you guessed it clouds. ahh well, Be watching what your doing from afar with great interest.

Think i need another DMK it seems. Oh and a astrodon UV venus Filter, Miss that too. Your gonna love Venus in UV if you try it. take care on your journys, and def keep coming to the forums, ill miss your images and advice otherwise. Been a pleasure to correspond with you over the last year. Good luck

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Thanks Chaps, the seeing was really good so I could try the 5xPM but it is AviStack which does such a splendid job with 400 align points compared with Registax5. Download below for those few who have not tried it - takes longer to process avi than Reg5 but quality takes time - Wonderful Freeware!


Thanks for comments Neil, the Moon I feel for me is pretty easy to get results when seeing allows but the planets are WAY HARDER to image Hi-Res!!! - Ultra perfect collimation required especially with very long fl, so it is this I should work on with Jupiter in the Autumn and perhaps Venus/Mercury in Summer when in Australia, would love to get detail on Ganymede like Mike Salway does.

Fly out to Brisbane from Manchester Airport Thursday 2.00pm.

Regards, JohnH.

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