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NGC 4435 and 4438 - The Eyes


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My last data from Les Granges and I'm really scraping around at the bottom of the barrel now. It was a pig to get a guide star with the OAG especially since I didn't want to rotate the camera for various reasons. In the end I think I was guiding on a small double star! I tried on 2 subsequent nights but 1 proved too windy and the other was spoilt by thickening high cloud.

I like the pairing. Around 50 million light years away apparently. Interacting and the smaller NGC 4438 has had most of it's outer stars stripped away and is becoming elliptical.

The pairing is usually one of the highlights in images of the Markarian chain.

Scope: Meade 10" LX200 ACF

Camera: QSI 532 with built in OAG

Lum: 8x900secs

R+G: 7x140 secs binned x2

B: 7x210 secs binned x2

Captured and combined with Maxim. Processed in PS.

I've had to work hard processing this, a sure sign of not enough data. Even so, that background is smudgy with galaxies!


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If that's scraping the barrel then the rest of us are doomed! IIRC Rob Hodgkinson did these two last year and it was a cracker too, I do particularly like the golden tones of the galaxy cores. Good work sir :).


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