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Voyager I

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Today in 1977, Voyager I was launched.

It bypassed Jupiter in 1977 and Saturn in 1981. It is now somewhere on the edge of the Solar System, near the Heliopause.


I thought it hit Jupiter in '79? It's impressive it's still going really. I was born in '77 and im barely still going hehe. 30 next year! It's all down hill from there on Voyager!

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It is now somewhere on the edge of the Solar System, near the Heliopause.

Was I the only one wondering where and what the 'Heliopause' is...

Being too embarassed to ask, I had a quick Google and turned up the following:


The point at which the solar wind meets the interstellar medium or solar wind from other stars.


the boundary between the solar system and interstellar space.


the boundary marking the edge of the sun's influence; the boundary (roughly 100 AU from the sun) between the interplanetary medium and the interstellar medium; where the solar wind and the wind from other stars meet.

Way to go Voyager 8)

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