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First night out...

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Well, i stayed up watching sat24 images of the weather and cloud coverage in the Uk, about 2am things started to clear, by started i mean there was little breaks in the cloud, now as i pack up at 5am the sky is clear but bed is calling due to work early!

I managed to set the GOTO mount up pretty easy, not as accurate as a pro could, but for a beginner it wasnt far off at all, told it to hit saturn and boom there it was, rings and all! I was amazed and it felt very surreal, almost looked fake through the scope, well i spent the next 2hrs just pondering and viewing things that i thought looked bright with the aid of google sky on my GPS mobile phone!

Managed to see a few double stars but nothing too deep in my poorly polluted town!

Anyways, very pleased, i just hope that the weather is nice over the weekend and i can venture out of town with the scope!

Eddy :)

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5am wow!

Midnight till 2am is my latest viewing session. It's usually around 10pm till midnight. But time does run away with you when you're observing.

It's amazing what these compact scopes will allow you to see too, even in light polluted skies. So far mine has shown me every globular cluster I've pointed it at using the GoTo and even resolved a few stars in the outer edges of M13. They're faint but they are discernible. Can't wait to try it on the ring nebula.

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Thats serious devotion to the hobby - staying up till 5am! Glad you got the reward though - Saturn is the beastie that first made me realise how beautiful the night sky is.

Of course, in these moonlit nights, don't forget to have a good look at that. And that early in the morning, the Southern Triangle is starting to make an appearance again, so you can have a good look at the large array of objects in the plain of the milky way.

Glad you enjoyed it!



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Yeah it was a bit touch and go, but suprisingly just seemed to keep getting clearer as the night went on! I spent most of the night doing 15min checks through the door and on sat24.com lol got a bit boring, but i got a good result either way!

2am is a late start, but im just so keen to get out there and use my scope that it was IMO justified! Just wish i had more experience so i could appreciate things a lot more, oh and what id give for some darkeness around here lol

Anyways, hoping for a clear spot at some point 2nite but we will see, im not holding my breath!


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Thanks Chris ill be sure to check it out :) i know 1 place thats pretty local just a big field in the middle of no where, so when i get chance im going to try it out, does it make that much of a difference?

EDIT > WOW THATS SO SUPRISING, the place i was looking at is RED! quite bad hey?! Looks like ill have to travel a little further lol


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