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Solar Activity 24 Mar


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Wet during the morning & early afternoon with a clearance in late afternoon. Limited time & interference from residual cloud prevented me from getting a full set of videos. Evening commitments prevented me from processing the videos till this morning.

CaK full disk image:


2010 Mar 24, 1624 UT. Coronado PST CaK @ f/10, DMK21.

Ha disk & proms composite:


2010 Mar 24, 1711 UT. Solarscope 60 @ f/5, DMK41.

The highlight of the day's activity is the new sunspot group AR1057 which was imaged in white light & CaK:


2010 Mar 24, 1636 UT. 80mm @ f/24, Baader solar film (ND5.0), DMK21


2010 Mar 24, 1646 UT. 60mm @ f/25, Lunt B1200 CaK diagonal, DMK21

There were numerous prominences including a very interesting one on the west limb, but I was unable to obtain images of them, or a detailed image of the AR in Ha.

Transparency fair, some high cloud, much interference from drifting low cloud. Seeing moderate, some "jet stream" blurring but fairly steady. Temp +9C, wind SW force 2-3.

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Are the differect coloured pics by different scopes btw?

Yes but only because I colour them that way ... I use a monochrome camera. Red/orange for Ha because that's the way it looks, yellow for "white light" because that's what's expected and blue/violet for CaK which I can't see at all but is a very deep violet to those who can see it (the wavelength used, 393nm, is on the borderline between visible violet and invisible ultraviolet).

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